Visual Cognition Lab

James E. Hoffman




Despite the massively parallel structure of the visual system, there are surprising limits to how much we can see and remember in a single glimpse. Luckily for us, the brain evolved sophisticated selection mechanisms to help us pay attention to those things in the environment that are relevant to our current goals as well as things that might be rewarding or threatening in the long run. We use a variety of methods such as event-related brain potentials, eye tracking, and behavioral measures to understand the brain mechanisms of visual attention, the nature of attentional limits, and how attention might be improved. We are also interested in how this knowledge might be applied in solving “real world” problems such as improving the prognosis of coma patients and improving “executive skills” in students.

For a list of recent presentations and publications, please see my CV or Google Scholar profile.

Our lab is not accepting students for the 2021-22 academic year.